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LSE Volunteer Greeters

A guest’s experience at La Crosse Regional Airport has the opportunity to make a lasting memory of our area.  Whether the first impression or last remembrance, LSE wants to welcome or send passengers feeling valued with a Low Stress Experience.

Volunteers staff our Information Desk in the central part of the LSE terminal and offer general assistance to travelers such as general way-finding information and assistance in locating airport terminal amenities, accessing ground transportation services, and suggesting area attractions.  They offer maps of La Crosse and surrounding areas, local visitors guide magazines, key phone numbers, and directions. They communicate with airline representatives and airport staff to make travelers' airport experience a positive one.

BECOMING A VOLUNTEER GREETER The success of a good volunteer program rests with the quality and commitment of its volunteers.  Shift times are extremely flexible. If you are interested in serving as an LSE Volunteer Greeter, please email: marketing@lseairport.com