Thank you for your patience while we improved your facility.

Parking at LSE is a Low Stress Experience. Short-term and long-term lots are close to the terminal building. Cash and major credit cards are accepted for payment. For parking information, please call (608) 781-3155.

La Crosse Regional Airport is located off I-90 (Exit 2)on the north side of French Island. If you have any questions, call the Airport Administration Office at (608) 789-7464.

For handicap parking assistance in the lot please call (608) 789-7464, selection option 3, then select option 5.  We will provide assistance as soon as possible.

More information coming soon as we roll out a new parking rewards program!

Parking Rates

First 20 minutes: FREE
20-60 minutes: $2.00
$1.00 for each additional 1/2 hour
$11.00 per calendar day

First 20 minutes: FREE
20-60 minutes: $2.00
$1.00 for each additional 1 hour
$8.00 per calendar day

Sample Calculations for your Convenience:

Park in short term at 7:00 AM and depart at 7:59 AM the same day - $2.00
Park in long term at 10:00 AM and return at 7:00 AM the next day - $16.00
Park in long term at 7:00 AM on Monday and return at 8:00 PM on Friday - $40.00
Park in long term at 3:00 PM on Monday and return at 10:00 AM on Wednesday - $24.00

Compare the true cost of traveling LSE with our True Cost Calculator

FREE Electric Vehicle Charging

LSE offers a Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging station. Located in the short term lot on the right hand side towards the end of the row, the Level 2 charging station is on the ChargePoint Network and is FREE to use. To activate, wave your ChargePoint card or wireless credit card (no payment will occur), to activate the station using ChargePoints's mobile application, or call the phone number listed on the station. Once activated simply plug your car in the power up.


ONLY credit cards are accepted at the exits. Cash payments must be made at the kiosk inside the terminal.
The following payment options are available:

Credit Card In + Credit Card Out 

  1. Swipe credit card upon entry and park. (No ticket will be issued)
  2. Upon exit, swipe the same credit card

Ticket In + Credit Card Out

  1. Take ticket upon entry and park
  2. Upon exit, insert ticket, when prompted insert credit card.
  3. Receipts are available on demand by clicking the receipt button

Ticket In + Cash Payment

  1. Take ticket upon entry and park
  2. Retain ticket and use Parking Pay kiosk inside the terminal near baggage claim.
  3. Use cash or credit card to make payment. (Kiosk will return validated ticket to you)
  4. Upon exit, insert ticket.