Minimum Standards, Rules & Regulations

The La Crosse Regional Airport has enacted Minimum Standards for Aeronautical Activities and Rules and Regulations under Ordinances 8-52 and 8-53 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of La Crosse.  This page provides the official copies of the documents as required by City Ordinance.  Additional documents for conducting business or pursuing special activities at the Airport are also provided on this page.  Questions regarding these documents should be addressed to Clinton Torp, Airport Director at

Adopted Airport Minimum Standards - Amended 5/15/17

Adopted Airport Rules and Regulations - Amended 7/17/17

Aerial Applicator Permit - Revision 10/8/15

Aeronautical Activity Insurance Requirements - Revision 10/8/15

Airport Equipment Use Permit - Revision 10/8/15

Airport Fuel System Use Permit - Revision 10/8/15

Flying Club Permit - Revision 5/24/16

General Use Permit - Revision 10/8/15

Independent Flight Instructor Permit - Revision 10/8/15

Off-Airport Rental Car Operator Permit - Revision 10/8/15

Pedestrian and Vehicle Operations Training Program - Revision 10/8/15

Self Fueling Permit - Revision 3/24/16

Special Activity Permit - Revision 10/8/15

Terminal Signage and Appearance Standards Guide - Amended 10/31/14