Fort McCoy

The Fort McCoy Transportation Division provides reoccurring passenger service, to include baggage to and from the La Crosse Airport.  Depending on usage rates and times of year. The Airport Service utilizes a 44 passenger bus or a 12 passenger van. Passenger traveling to the La Crosse Airport from Fort McCoy are encouraged to contact the Transportation Motor Pool (TMP) Dispatcher, 608-388-3616, to arrange transportation at least 24 hours in advance. Passengers using the service to travel from the La Crosse Airport to Fort McCoy should utilize the La Crosse Airport Service provided by TMP. The Airport Service Schedule is provided below:

 01 September – 30 April: The Airport Service is on-call during this period. Users must contact the TMP Dispatcher upon arrival at the Airport. The customer Kiosk at the La Crosse Airport allows military travelers to dial the TMP Dispatcher toll free. (If you tell us when Cold Steel travelers will be arriving by providing their flight information. We will have a bus waiting for them in the parking lot.)

1 May – 31 August:  The Transportation Office provides five airport service times, per day, during the period of 01 May – 31 August. This service is a primary means for official travel from the La Crosse Airport to Fort McCoy.  Airport Service times are listed below.


  1. 0930 HRS – Departs Fort McCoy at 0845
  1. 1100 HRS – Departs Fort McCoy at 1015
  1. 1545 HRS – Departs Fort McCoy at 1500
  1. 1800 HRS – Departs Fort McCoy at 1715
  1. 2130 HRS – Departs Fort McCoy at 2045