LSE Values Customer Service

To ensure our passengers feel valued and appreciated, LSE strives to recognize employees that put heart into providing the best customer care. We recognize employees who take great pride in their work and offer friendly service to passengers by naming them Elsie Stars. Named after our airplane mascot, Elsie Stars receive a recognition certificate, a special parking spot directly next to the terminal, $20 credit to Arrowhead Tap House, and recognition on our terminal monitors. Look for the current Elsie Star next time you visit!


Elsie Star of the Month

With your help we can recognize the individual who made the extra effort to ensure your LSE trip a Low Stress Experience. Please complete our 3-question nomination form and help us showcase another Elsie Star!




Adrienne B, American Airlines

Laurie R, American Airlines

Mayann B, Avis/Budget Car Rental

Brenda H, National/Alamo

Reegan J, Delta Air Lines

Sydney S, American Airlines

Nou C Y, TSA

Sharon S, Arrowhead Tap House

Katie S, American Airlines

Delania H, American Airlines

Abigayle W, Delta Air Lines

Jacqueline S, American Airlines

Karoline A, Delta Air Lines

Bill M, TSA

Bruce R Delta Air Lines

Delania H, American Airlines

Julie, B, TSA

Karie S, Delta Air Lines

Adrienne B, American Airlines

Jacqueline S, American Airlines

The TSA Agents

Orion O, American Airlines

John, TSA

Jayne W, Delta



Low. Stress. Experience.

La Crosse Regional Airport places high value on customer experience. Whether coming or going, at LSE we believe it's our job to welcome you or send you off with a Low Stress Experience. How well are we meeting your expectations? Let us know!

By sharing your experience with us, you can help us maintain the highest level of customer service.