LSE offers a rare opportunity to catch the attention of passengers that may be harder to reach through other media.

The La Crosse Regional Airport sees approximately 200,000 patrons in any given year, making LSE an excellent opportunity to market your business and products to both local and transient passengers.  La Crosse Airport offers a variety of cost-effective advertising opportunities and sponsorships throughout the terminal building and online.

Digital Ad Space
Large Ad Space

Information Kiosk
Pre-Security Seating
Baggage Claim
Flight Information Displays
Secure Area

Magazine/Brochure Rack
Kiosk Displays
Baggage Carts
Elevator & Column Wraps

WiFi Splash Page
Children’s Play Area
Hand Sanitizers
Courtesy Phones
Nursing Room
Outdoor Pet Area

Contact the Airport Administration office at (608) 789-7464 for more information.
We look forward to helping you achieve your business goals!