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   Long Term Parking                                                                     Electric Vehicle Charging Station

NEW - Extra wide parking spaces are now in place throughout our parking lot so you have extra room to navigate!

If you are planning a trip through the La Crosse Airport you will be pleasantly surprised with how easy parking is! There are no shuttles to worry about and the rates won't leave you broke at the end of your trip. We have two convenient secure lots for your use, a short term lot which is the closest to the terminal and a long term lot for those extended trips. We also have multiple cameras on our terminal and parking booths for added security for our passengers. A diagram of our parking is located at the bottom of the page. For parking information please call (608) 781-3155.

Have an electric vehicle?  Don't worry about your charge, we have installed a Level 2 electric vehicle charging station!  Located in the short term lot on the right hand side towards the end of the row, the Level 2 charging station is on the ChargePoint Network and is free of charge!  To activate wave your ChargePoint card, wave a wireless credit card (you wont be charged anything), activate the station using ChargePoint's mobile application, or call the phone number listed on the station.  Once activated simply plug your car in and power up.

Only credit cards are accepted at the exits themselves.  We have a kiosk in the terminal for using cash. The following payment options are available:

Credit Card In/Credit Card Out - This option allows you to swipe your credit card at the entry and then again at the exit.  You will not receive a ticket at the entry so you don't have to worry about losing it!  Just remember to use the same card at the entry and exit.

Ticket In/Credit Card Out - Take a ticket at the entry and insert the ticket in the exit station.  You can then use your credit card for prompt payment. Receipts are available on demand by clicking the receipt button.

Cash - Take a ticket at the entry and remember to take the ticket into the terminal with you.  After your trip insert your ticket into the kiosk located near baggage return, you may then use cash or credit to pay for your parking.  When you have completed payment the kiosk will return your ticket to you. As you exit the lot, simply enter the ticket into the exit station and it will let you right through!

For customer assistance we have hired Focus Point from Standard parking to provide remote assistance.  Cameras, speakers, and microphones allow our customer service assistants to help you with your transaction.  Simply press the intercom/assistance button.

Long term parking is the lower price option.  Short term parking is closer to the building.  For comparison, parking in Minneapolis/St. Paul is $22.00* a day for general parking and Milwaukee is $12.50* a day for daily parking.

*Rates may change, check with each airport for their current rates

  Parking Rates*
Short Term

First 20 minutes – FREE
$2.00 for the first hour or portion thereof
$1.00 for each additional ½ hour
$10.00 per calendar day


Long Term

First 20 minutes – FREE
$2.00 for the first hour or portion thereof
$1.00 for each additional 1 hour
$7.00 per calendar day


* Charges are be based on your time of entry/exit.

The following diagram will help guide you through the lot. (Click diagram to enlarge.)