Cost Comparison Calculator

You can find great ticket prices out of the La Crosse Airport; however, if you are booking a flight and the fares are cheaper out of a competing airport this tool may help in your decision making.  The true cost of your trip should take into consideration the cost of driving to the competing airport, paying higher parking rates, wear and tear on your vehicle, meals for those extra hours, not to mention what your time is worth.  The La Crosse Airport offers a truly hassle free experience at a reasonable price, try the calculator out and see how economical flying locally can be!
Airport La Crosse Regional Airport (LSE) Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport (MSP) Dane County Regional Airport (MSN)
Round Trip Airfare $ $ $
Driving Expense
Distance From You
Mileage cost($0.54/mi) $2.70 $162.00 $151.20
Parking Expense
Number of Days
Daily / Weekly Rate $7.00 / $49.00 $24.00 / $168.00 $10.00 / $70.00
Total Cost of Parking $42.00 $144.00 $60.00
Opportunity Cost
Minutes spent driving
Minutes spent in security 20 45 25
Total Opportunity Cost (Your time is worth $15.00/hr) $7.50 $93.75 $73.75
Total Cost $52.20 $399.75 $284.95
Default Mileage Rate:$
Value of your time per hour :$
Parking Cost Per Day
La Crosse:$
Parking Cost Per Week
La Crosse:$
Average Minutes In Security
La Crosse:

Flying out of La Crosse is cheaper than you may initially think.  Consider the costs of driving, parking or overnight hotels, additional meals, extra wait time in security, the possibility of your car breaking down on the way, employee costs, and the added stress!