Why Fly Local?

So why should I fly local?  Good question!

The La Crosse Regional Airport is your airport!  Only through your support of an important local asset such as the La Crosse Regional Airport will we ensure that it remains a vital component of our community.  As more people use the La Crosse Regional Airport we increase our chances of providing additional service to new destinations.  The La Crosse Regional Airport serves a wide geographic area including the following counties:  La Crosse, Winona, Monroe, Vernon, Trempealeau, Jackson, Houston, Richland, Crawford, Allamakee, and beyond!

Whether you are a leisure traveler or business traveler all we ask is that you at least consider flying LSE before choosing an alternative airport.  For our business partners we are currently developing a new tool which can be used to analyze all of the direct and indirect costs of flying out of various airports.  If you choose to fly out of an alternative airport have you considered the mileage costs of getting to that alternative airport, the additional expense of parking, the lost productivity of that employee during the drive time, or the wages that you pay the employee for travel time?  Also - consider employee moral - its always nice to be home when you are done with a busy day of travel, an additional 3-hour car ride is never a welcome home!

Help us continue to serve the region as an economic engine through your support of the La Crosse Regional Airport.  We hope you have a chance to fly through LSE in the near future and see all of the wonderful enhancements we have made to make your experience like being at home, because you are.

If you would like more information on how LSE can better support your business please contact Clinton Torp, Airport Director directly at torpc@lseairport.com